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After many years in development, SDL 2.0.0 has finally been released!

Ryan has put together an introduction to migrating your existing SDL application to 2.0:

More extensive documentation can be found on the community supported wiki:

Valve uses SDL 2.0 for game controller support and sundry other things in Steam, and the new release will be going into the Steam Linux Runtime in the next day or so.

These are the most important new features in SDL 2.0:
    Full 3D hardware acceleration
    Support for OpenGL 3.0+ in various profiles (core, compatibility, debug, robust, etc)
    Support for OpenGL ES
    Support for multiple windows
    Support for multiple displays
    Support for multiple audio devices
    Android and iOS support
    Simple 2D rendering API that can use Direct3D, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, or software rendering behind the scenes
    Force Feedback available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
    XInput and XAudio2 support for Windows
    Atomic operations
    Power management (exposes battery life remaining, etc)
    Shaped windows
    32-bit audio (int and float)
    Simplified Game Controller API (the Joystick API is still here, too!)
    Touch support (multitouch, gestures, etc)
    Better fullscreen support
    Better keyboard support (scancodes vs keycodes, etc).
    Message boxes
    Clipboard support
    Basic Drag'n'Drop support
    Proper unicode input and IME support
    A really powerful assert macro
    Lots of old annoyances from 1.2 are gone
    Many other things!

Sam Lantinga