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Oxygine - 2D C++ framework based on SDL

Joined: 06 Oct 2013
Posts: 14
Hi, I'm author of Oxygine.
Oxygine is 2D C++ Framework. It could be build on top of the SDL2.0 or Marmalade.
It is free and available under MIT license.
please check site:
You would find examples, demos and other helpful information

Key features:
Clear C++ API
OpenGLES rendering with batching. atlassing tools
SceneGraph similar to Flash

here is small example of usage:
//create sprite and display it
spSprite sprite = new Sprite();

//run animation tween
sprite->addTween(TweenAnim(gameResources.getResAnim("anim2")), duration, loops));

//run position tween
sprite->addTween(Sprite::TweenPosition(x, y), duration, loops));

//handle events
sprite->addEventListener(TouchEvent::CLICK, CLOSURE(this, &someClass::onClick));

//short syntax example
sprite = initActor(new Sprite,
arg_resAnim = gameResources.getResAnim("plus"),
arg_scale = 0.5f,
arg_onClick = CLOSURE(this, &HUD::clicked),
arg_pos = Vector2(70, 55),
arg_attachTo = getRoot());
some features

Joined: 06 Oct 2013
Posts: 14


Joined: 06 Oct 2013
Posts: 14
there are a lot of improvements
and new main feature is UI editor for oxygine

Joined: 09 Oct 2013
Posts: 75
I'm very interested on this. I'm working on my own c++ engine. I'm going to check it.

Joined: 06 Oct 2013
Posts: 14
There are a lot of new features since last update.
There are new extenstions for oxygine:
- oxygine-movie for playing Theora movies with alpha channel
- oxygine-sound ogg sound/music player with streaming
- oxygine-freetype library
- oxygine-billing for in-app-purchases
- oxygine-spine for playing Spine animations
- oxygine-magicparticles for playing particles made with MagicParticles

Joined: 15 Oct 2015
Posts: 11
Looks interesting. I came across this whilst searching for an Advanced Sprites library for SDL

From what I see, documentation is a bit sparse tough....

Joined: 13 Feb 2016
Posts: 18
Really nice library.
One note, your editor is made using Qt *look of disapproval Confused * Why not make it using your library Razz Rolling Eyes Question