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Sam Lantinga

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SDL 1.2.15 Release Notes

SDL 1.2.15 is a minor bug fix release.

General Notes
  • Fixed assembly register clobbering in CPU info routines
  • Fixed memory stomp when using stretch blit on large images
  • Fixed pixel corruption with overlapping blits
  • SDL_JOYSTICK_DEVICE can be a colon separated list of joystick devices
  • Disabled MMX blitters since they don't compile on modern compilers
Unix Notes
  • Fixed crash in joystick code on newer Linux kernels
  • Fixed channel swizzling for ALSA target with 6-channel output
  • Use the OpenGL GLX_EXT_swap_control extension if available
  • XRandR support is disabled by default because it causes desktop reconfiguring. It can be enabled with the SDL_VIDEO_X11_XRANDR=1 environment variable, or by applying this patch:
Windows Notes
  • Fixed application state handling with ALT-Tab
  • Fixed occasional crash handling WM_ACTIVATEAPP in Direct X code
  • Fixed UTF-8 decoding of Russian characters
Mac OS X Notes
  • Fixed building and running on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

- Sam Lantinga