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getting SDL_mixer to work with SDL 1.3 on a mac
jeroen clarysse

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short version : can someone help me to recompile SDL_Mixer with the new XCode in snow leopard ?

long version

i keep getting a dyld error when trying to run my own application, which uses SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and SDL_ttf

warning :
- on mac osx 10.6
- I used the SDL 1.3 !!
- recompiled all three SDL projects (mixer, image & ttf), which took quite a bit of tinkering, but they are all compiled now

but when properly putting the build results in /Library/Frameworks, my app will compile and launch, but die right away with a dyld error :

dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL
Referenced from: /Users/jeroen/Martians2/build/Debug/
Reason: image not found

so basically, my app (martians2) will try to use SDL_mixer, which uses smpeg, which can't be loaded Sad(

I checked the path, and the smpeg framework is definitely there.

my guess : smpeg should be recompiled with the new XCode as well. So i googled until I found an smpeg .xcodeproj archive (which i found !) and compiled that one as well.

After more fiddling, I got that smpeg where it belongs. And everything runs !! I didn't need to do anything for mikmod.

but...... my app crashes Sad((

I then tried to compile and run the simple playwav exe that comes with it. Compiling went fine, but it crashes as well Sad((

can anyone advise here ? Has anyone gotten SDL_mixer with SDL 1.3 compiled and running under snow leopard ?

thanks a milion !
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getting SDL_mixer to work with SDL 1.3 on a mac
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