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SDL with QT(Embedding the SDL surface on a QT Widget- MAC OS
Hitesh Ganjoo

Hi all,
I am making a video application using QT which involves SDL
for the rendering job.
This application has to be built for MAC .
I am quite well versed with QT now but a beginner in SDL.
The problem i am facing is
embedding the rendered video into the QT widget so that SDL doesnt
create a separate window . I tried a lot of things but none
so far seem to work on
MAC. I read
about the environment variable SDL_WINDOWID (=widget.winID())
but it didnt seem to
work at all! I also read about the COCOA environment variables
NSWindowPointer etc.
but havent really found any reliable documentation and
whether or not i should use
it(and havent been able to figure out whether my QT app uses
and how to change that). I also read that
setting environment variables is not a
way of doing this and its more of a hack. So I am kind of clueless as to
why there
a proper way of handling such a trivial thing(its rendering in
the windowless mode
all!) in a famous framework like SDL.
One of the motives of choosing SDL was its
cross platform ability but now i wonder
it was a good choice at all. Quicktime on MAC ?
Any help/suggestions would really be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there!

Did anyone found solution for this problem?

It seems we have common problem under Mac OS. SDL can't render video on embedded area (child window), it requires only separate top level window.