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SDL2 has issues playing valid 32bit WAV files

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Please refer to:

The post, it's child (the stack overflow post) are very detailed and should make sense.


SDL2, specifically: only allows WAV files to be played with the 0x0001 audio format header flag, BUT programs like `sox` and `ffmpeg` add the extensible flag (0xfffe) for files over 16bits.

Removing the extensible flag manually and playing the WAV in SDL2 works, so this is either a problem with SDL2 not accepting the flag (which would be trivial to add), or ffmpeg / other programs not allowing the flag to be disabled (which would require much more effort I feel).

Is this something I should make a Pull Request about? Or is this something that should be discussed with ffmpeg team?

NOTE: I moved this out of Game Development section, not sure how it got put there by me.

Joined: 05 Feb 2017
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This now fixed here:

In reference to my S/O post it seems.