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SDL_JoystickOpen() error
Ed Phillips


I'm getting the following when trying to open a joystick that is DINPUT
using SDL 2.0.4 on Windows:

"IDirectInputDevice8::SetCooperativeLevel() DirectX error 0xx"

Any ideas why I'd be getting this kind of failure? SDL is init'd and
XINPUT joysticks seem to be working fine when I get this error, so it must
be something specific to DINPUT.

The error code is botched. It likely has something to do with this code
in SDL_dinputjoystick.c:

/* Convert a DirectInput return code to a text message */
static int
SetDIerror(const char *function, HRESULT code)
return SDL_SetError("%s() [%s]: %s", function,
DXGetErrorString9A(code), DXGetErrorDescription9A(code));
return SDL_SetError("%s() DirectX error 0x%8.8lx", function, code);

It looks like SDL_SetError() doesn't actually handle the "l", and as I
understand it, HRESULT is 32-bit anyway... so that probably explains why
I'm not seeing the actual error code from DINPUT.


Ed Phillips University of Delaware (302) 831-6082
Systems Programmer IV, Network and Systems Services
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