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[O.T.]-Need The Best WebGL Tutorial Around!

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My understanding is that there are many WebGL tutorials out there. What is missing? What have you found and what do you need that doesn't get addressed? I might be interested in putting together something when I find the time, if you still need it - as an exercise for learning it Smile

On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 11:13 PM, JeZ-l-Lee wrote:

I've dropped Unity3D and GameMaker:Studio and am returning to HTML5/JS.
Have a big 2-D video game planned next(even bought it it's own domain).

I need the absolute best WebGL tutorial there is on the Internet.
I've Google'd quite a bit but could not find anything recent.

My current HTML5/JS 2-D video game engine is too slow for this new project.
Need the performance of WebGL, but can't find a great up-to-date tutorial.

Let me know, thanks!

P.S. - I am using a paid version of JetBrains "WebStorm" (quite frankly the best JS IDE there is for Windows/Linux)...

JessePalser <AT> GMail <DOT> com
16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio

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[O.T.]-Need The Best WebGL Tutorial Around!
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